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Events 2019

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  • Jan 5 to March 9, The Paramis, Saturday morning sittings at 8:10am for 10 consecutive Saturdays, we will have reflections on and use the paramis as a focus for our meditation practice. The paramis refer to ten beautiful qualities of the heart that we are encouraged to cultivate as a way of bringing peacefulness, understanding and compassion into our daily life. The ten paramis are: generosity, virtue, renunciation, wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, resolve, loving-kindness and equanimity. Ajahn Succito refers to the paramis as ways to cross life’s floods. You may download his book, Parami - Ways to Cross Life’s Floods by clicking on this link.
  • March 30 and April 27, Introduction to Meditation and the Buddha’s Teaching - Saturday morning sittings at 8:10am.
  • Saturday, May 18 at 8:10am, Wesak is an important celebration of the Buddha and his teachings. It falls on the full moon of May and celebrates the Buddha’s birth, awakening and passing. It is a time for group reflection on, gratitude for and practice of this path of awakening and liberation.
  • Saturday, May 25, The Buddhist Place Plant and Garage Sale We are once again participating in the annual Gilmour Street Community Garage Sale. Please consider donating objects and plants for the sale. Proceeds go to Tisarana Buddhist Monastery in Perth and One Roof Food Program in Peterborough.
  • Saturday, August 10, 8:10am, Cemetery Contemplation, There is a strong encouragement in Buddhist meditative practice to contemplate impermanence and death as a way of waking up and living life fully from a place of understanding and compassion. We intentionally focus on this practice by gathering together for our morning meditative practice at Little Lake Cemetery. Please bring a sitting cushion appropriate for damp ground or a chair. Held rain or shine. We meet at the west entrance.
  • Sept 26-29, Sangha Retreat, This is a non-residential retreat with practice of mindfulness in daily life. The retreat will be held at 291 Burnham Street, Peterborough.
  • Wednesday, Nov 6, 7:00-9:000pm, Ajahn Viradhammo will give a meditation and talk.
  • November 7-10, Residential Retreat with Ajahn Viradhammo, held at Dharma Centre of Canada, Kinmount.
  • Saturday, Nov 23, at 6:00pm, Bryan's Dinner, (in the Choir Room). For Buddhist Place Members, Meditators, Partners and Friends; this fundraiser is in memory of Bryan Whitfield. Please bring a vegetarian potluck dish to share.
    • RSVP to Ellie: elliewheeler2015@yahoo.ca or 705-743-1267
    • For many years Bryan welcomed his Buddhist Place friends to his home and offered a delicious vegetarian meal that he prepared, with the proceeds of the evening going to support Tisarana Monastery
    • Suggested donation is $10 or pay what you can
    • There will be an auction after dinner, so if you have something to donate bring it along. Some examples of popular items in the past are: re-gifts, gently used items, something you’ve made, a craft, preserves, baking, artwork, gift certificates
Ajahn Viradammo on alms round. Photo credit: Lee.
Ajahn Viradhammo on alms round at Tisarana during Vessak Ceremony, 2013.

The Buddha told us to see the way things are and let go of our clinging to them.
Take this feeling of letting go as your refuge. — Ajahn Chah