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The Buddhist Place posts links to sites and organizations that may be of interest to our membership. Upcoming community events will not be posted here, but will be announced after each of our sittings

Beginners' Meditation Help:

  • Mindfulness - The Path To The Deathless - The Meditation Teachings Of Ajahn Sumedho. This sweet, little book will keep you grounded as you start your meditation practice. Ask for a free copy of this book when you visit the Buddhist Place.
  • Breathing: Clear instructions without jargon. The first 10 mp3 audio talks by Thanissaro Bhikkhu from a series distributed as a torrent.
  • With Each and Every Breath: A Guide to Meditation by Thanissaro Bhikkhu drawing on two sources: the Buddha’s own set of instructions on how to use the breath in training the mind, and Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo’s method of breath meditation, explaining in detail many of the points that the Buddha left in condensed form.

Dhamma On The Internet:

Sitting Groups, Teachers and Retreat Centres:

The Buddha told us to see the way things are and let go of our clinging to them.
Take this feeling of letting go as your refuge. — Ajahn Chah